What Challenges Me.. 

The thing that challenges me most is saving money. I spend way too much money on unnecessary items. When I do somehow manage to save a bit of it I end up taking it right back out to use for something else. This is a challenge I have been facing for many years but am slowly getting better. 

There are many things I buy, but some can’t be helped. An example of this is how recently got my licence and now have to pay for gas, repairs and insurance on my vehicle. But many other things are items I could definitely cut down on. I am a pretty busy person and often don’t have time to make myself a lunch or supper ahead of time. This leads to me eating at the school cafeteria and buying stuff at my work. After paying for those I also frequently shop online. I have been cutting down but still find it challenging as I have found a new love For David’s Tea. After purchasing all of these things I am almost out of money to put into my savings. 

When a little bit of money finally makes it into my savings I end up taking it back out. This is usually due to traveling. My family loves to travel, so I often go places like Duluth and make frequent trips to Thunder Bay. When in Duluth and bigger cities I tend to take full advantage of the variety of shopping centres. I find stores that I normally have to go online to shop from. I then tell myself I’m saving money because there’s no shipping cost and take it out of my savings. I also go to many overpriced tourist attractions. All these things make it extremely difficult to keep the money in my savings account.

I could go on and on about how many things I spend my money on. I have been getting better at keeping the money in my savings but can still work on putting more in to start with. Having all these temptations around me makes saving money one of my most difficult challenges.


Novel Questions

Today we had to read a chapter of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird and then answer questions about them. At the start of class i was on chapter eleven and we had to just keep going chapter by chapter. I am now on chapter thirteen and i really enjoy it. At first i wasn’t too sure if i would like it or not but it is a really interesting novel that catches my attention.  NorthernMockingbird


Yesterday we had to write an essay about the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. We got to chose what to do it on from a number of options. I chose to do mine about fear of the unknown. I didn’t really enjoy this assignment because i am not too good at writing them but the more i do it the better i will get. Even though this wasn’t my favorite it was a good thing because doing this essay has made me understand more about the novel. I had to go through what i had previously read and look over it again to find information.


Part of me by Katy Perry is an amazing video that I highly recommend. The video is fantastic, her singing is also good and a lot of people can relate to this. If you just listen to the song you will probably not really get the message but when you watch the video you see that she gets cheated on and then becomes a marine. This video has a really strong, meaningful story behind it that I think should be heard! To have a good music video I believe that there should be meaningful lyrics, entertaining to watch and it should tell the story in the song, and she has achieved all of these things in this video.

The video starts with Katy in her car looking at the locket that her boyfriend gave her that has a picture of them in it. Then she sees her boyfriend in the office with another woman, Katy rushes into the office in tears saying “you’re such a liar!” and throws the locket on his desk. He tries to reason with her and calm her down but she proceeds to confront him about it. He follows her out the door saying “come on, come on, let’s talk about this. It’s not what it looks like” but Katy just drives away and the song starts playing. In the next scene she stops at a corner store and in there she sees a sign posted that says “All woman are equal, Then some become marines.” She then goes into the restroom, cuts her hair and changes from her summer dress to a sweater. In the next scene she joins the army and becomes a marine.

I think that the main message in this video is to stay strong no matter what circumstance you are in. When Katy joined the army and he sent her a letter saying he wants her back, but she just burned it and moved on. In this video she thinks back to when they were together a lot and how much fun they had, but she just stays strong. She joined the army to become a strong independent woman and to show him that she didn’t need him in her life anymore, I really like that. Also this video is appropriate for all ages, it’s not like other music videos like wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus where she is naked.

I really like this music video because it is really meaningful and everyone can relate to it. Some of the lyrics are “days like this I want to drive away, pack my bags and watch your shadow fade.” I’m sure every person has felt like this at least once in their life, I know I have. Another thing I enjoyed about this video is that during the part where she is training for the military there is a lot of flash backs of when she was still with that guy and not just her training throughout the whole video. Near the end of the video he sends her a letter and in it says “ i’m still the guy you fell in love with, I just made a stupid mistake. Look deep inside and try to remember what we were.” Katy burns the letter and the lyrics in the song say “you won’t ever put me down again i’m glowing.” I can relate to this video because I have been in a similar position. I wasn’t cheated on, like Katy but I’ve been lied to and I know what it feels like to let someone go even when they want to come back after what they have done.

Over all I really enjoyed this video and I think the story behind it is amazing! I recommend this because the scenes are well thought out and she has a very unique voice. Almost everyone can relate to this and it is a very entertaining and emotional video.